Polyethylene Bags: The Ideal Reusable Pieces

Now that there’s been a lot of commotion in terms of plastic and the way it affects the environment, which led to many plastic-free trends, I have to say I’ve become more aware eco-wise and do my best to have a sustainable lifestyle.

However, changes don’t happen overnight, and I still let myself stick to some of the old habits, like my addiction to polyethylene bags because of the many uses I can find for them. Buy them once and you’re going to reuse them time and time again!

Available in a great range of sizes, as well as thickness, they are perfect for storage of different kinds of objects, including heavy duty, providing the ideal protection from dirt and dust.

Sealing them good means I also get to protect the items from getting wet which proved to be essential with my belongings one summer during heavy rain when my basement was flooded. Long story short, they were safe and sound despite all the water.

The bags also happen to help me put my home in order, especially when it comes to organising knick-knacks that would otherwise be scattered around.

For years I’ve dealt with clutter I didn’t even realise was messing up with me (pun intended!), now knowing what I know about the connection between clutter and stress, I make no excuse when it’s time to sort out the items in polyethylene bags.

They’ve helped me make sections in the kitchen with spices and candy, bedroom with storing the nightstand essentials neatly, living room with hiding electronics’ manuals and extra cables, and hallway with separating different keys.

After taking up the urban gardening trend, trying to grow herbs and succulents, I’ve found these bags can also turn out to be useful with enhancing my green thumb skills. Not only were they great for potting soil and plant growth, they keep my herbs fresh longer when placed over them in a glass of water, nicely secured and stored in the fridge, ready for spicing up my meals.

I can’t forget the countless times they’ve saved me throughout my trips either; from keeping my documents, money and electronics safe from moisture, to providing more storage for different types of items, helping me separate shoes from clothing, dirty and wet from clean, and toiletries.

Since I’m a bit of a germophobe when travelling, I avoid using the germ-full remote controls in hotel rooms directly, only when placing a bag over them first. Additionally, the bags have been particularly useful with minimising my waste when on the road, serving as trash bags. The ideal investment ever!