The Best Olight Torches for Outdoor Recreation

Sure, your phone’s flashlight might come in handy when you’re doing some basic repairs at home, but when it comes to more complex tasks it simply doesn’t cut it. If you go camping, hiking, mountain biking or any other outdoor activity after dark, you’ll need something more. A powerful torch is essential to finding the right hiking track, reading maps, setting up camp, and in certain situations it can even save your life.

For a great outdoor torch that really has it all – from battery life to lumens and durability, look no further than Olight. Olight is a flashlight manufacturer that manages to stand out thanks to its wide range of innovative products. My Olight flashlight has been my trusted companion throughout hundreds of camping trips and various outback explorations and has never failed me. In addition, I give you some of the best Olight torches Australia outdoors enthusiasts can buy.

Olight S1 Baton

Olight Baton

With an incredibly bright beam of 500 lumens, this flashlight is the most powerful Olight model for amateurs. It’s almost up there with the basic professional tactical torches, and it’s got a price tag to match them too. That said, it’s still an investment bound to pay off for years to come. The waterproof design and IPX8 rating guarantees a device that’s impervious to rain and all kinds of humid conditions. Powered by an eco-friendly, rechargeable CR123A battery, the Olight S1 Baton has an exceptional run time of 600 hours.

Olight M3X

OLifght M3x

For certain activities such as cave exploration, a torch with a mighty beam distance is more than essential. An the Oligth M3X has a beam that can reach up to 1000 meters in distance with a coverage of 1200 lumens of hight intensity Cree XP-L LED light. For all this power it packs, the M3X is relatively small. Because of its long distance throw, this torch is the perfect tool for search and rescue, and emergency situations. It’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminium with a hard-anodized finish, making it shockproof and resistant to drops and hits.

Olight M10 Maverick

OLight M10 Maverick

Another popular model in the wide range of Olight torches Australia stores have is the Olight M10 Maverick. It has a humble beam distance of 107 meters and generates 350 lumens of light. Its small size, compact design, and the fact that it comes with a two-direction pocket clip, makes it a convenient tool for camping. Among its unique features is a deep reflector that provides a nicely focused beam, a switch that allows you to control the output mode (low, medium, high), as well as an intelligent driver circuit that can automatically memorise the output level. The M10 Maverick is one of the more affordable models Olight offers, but nevertheless, it has all the power you need.