My Unique Romance with Wonderful Plants

Nature is the foundation of everything that is meaningful in life. It is a vital source of energy that nourishes all living things on this planet. Creating a special bond with Mother Nature is the most loving relationship that anyone could have. For me gardening is the best way to connect with nature – it helps me relax and distance myself form today’s busy lifestyle.

My love for gardening started when I was very little. Every Sunday I watched my mother nourish the flowers in our garden with a big smile on her face; that’s how she managed to transfer her great love for gardening to me. I remember spending the best days of my childhood enjoying in my mom’s garden and planting colourful flowers. Today I have my own garden where I still nourish my love for nature and plants.

My garden is my special place for relaxing and reflecting on everyday life. I have many trees and plants but as the nature lover I have become, I’m always on the hunt for some unique plants for sale since I go by the motto “the more the merrier”. I just love my unique romance with plants so much that I am always adding new ones to my already big collection. Here are a few types that have a special place in my heart.

Carpobrotus rossii

The carpobrotus are very special to me because we planted them with my husband, who has the same love for gardening. They are prostrate succulents with the most wonderful blooms you have ever seen. They bloom during spring and summer and give my garden a dreamy purple shade. Commonly known as “pig face”, this plant is very easy to take care of and has an edible fruit. It has triangular leaves which besides looking pretty cute, they also act as water reservoirs.

Phormium Maori Queen

This plant is indeed the queen in my garden. It has beautiful strap leaves that have the most wonderful shades of green and bronze. Mother Nature adorned its leaves with a seductive touch of red colour as well. The multicoloured leaves create a unique effect and make my garden a royal paradise especially during their bloom period in spring and summer.

Dianella caerulea

This one is commonly known as blue flax lily and it has a distinctive strap-like leaves that can reach up to a 1 meter in length. It is my daughter’s favourite plant in the garden; she loves flowers that have a mix of blue to purple shade and are shaped like stars. The bloom of the flowers results in beautiful purple berries.

When I look at my garden filled with the attractive rainbow shades of my beloved plants I know that my passion for gardening will never fade. For me this is the most generous way to give back to Mother Nature. I enjoy nourishing my plants and getting my hands dirty while preparing the soil. It is the best anti-stress therapy not just for me but for my family as well. We are always excited to find plants for sale online or at our local nursery that will enrich our garden with some vivid natural colours.