Mirror, Mirror on the Van, Can You Tell Me Where I am?

Caravans and RVs are perfect for having an outdoors adventure or spend quality time with friends or family. But, whether you are going on a holiday, a weekend getaway, or a music festival, there are some preparations you need to take care off in order to make your camping experience is to be enjoyable instead of a hustle or worst case scenario – a total disaster.

Although the general idea behind a caravan is to have all the conveniences of your home combined with the mobility of a motor vehicle, there are a lot of things which are often not included when you purchase a caravan or an RV, such as proper caravan mirrors.


The most important step to enjoying a camping trip is getting your caravan to your desired location and as soon as you get in the driving seat you will notice how ridiculously big RV’s and caravans are. This can be really intimidating for most people, unless you are a truck driver. Even then, maneuvering a vehicle of this size can be quite challenging, especially on a single lane road at the camping site, or a small side street. In this type of situations, your caravan mirrors are your best friend or your co-pilot. Your mirrors provide a way to safely keep an eye on what’s going on behind you and in front of you at the same time. Although every motorhome comes equipped with side mirrors, sometimes they just don’t provide enough information and adjusting them to minimize blind spots can be really tricky. In my opinion, rear view cameras are also very limited and don’t give you a full picture of whats going on around you.

One of the simplest and most cost effective solution to this problem is getting an additional caravan mirror that is quick and easy to install and gives you enough awareness about the position of your caravan and the environment around you. There is a wide range of caravan mirrors available online with different features, aerodynamic design, and mounting options like a suction cup or a clip-on mechanism that you can attach on your existing mirror.

However, aside from getting a set of proper mirrors for your caravan, attaching them and adjusting them, you need to get used to using them all the time. You should always take your time to get a clear view of your surrounding and evaluate the situation. Rushing things will only result in a careless mistake that could end up being costly and can ruin your camping trip. If you are not used to driving a caravan or an RV, it is best to go to a parking lot and practice until you feel comfortable.