Laser Measures: When Light Prevails the Time and Distance Equation

Of all things that work using the principle of point, click and get result, I am most impressed with how it turned out for the laser technology, laser distance meters, to be more precise (which I have to, since this technology is all about precision). Little does go on in this Universe of ours without light, however, it’s the magnitude of specifically directed light that makes for winning various equations concerned with saving time.

The principle of a laser distance meter is delicate, but simple one. A pulse of light is sent to the target and the device calculates the distance based on how much time it took for the beam of light to return. The result then quickly appears on the screen. In other words, the process is based on light reflection and it’s all done in the blink of an eye.


The time-saving characteristic of this device especially stands out when compared to doing the same job with tape measure, in which case, one would have to walk the distance between the two points or have a helper at the other end of the targeted distance.

Another perk that comes with relying on a top notch laser distance meter is the ability to work with it in conditions with poor lighting since it features a backlit display and the laser dot itself is visible to the user. In addition, the user can use their other hand for taking notes if needed.

It’s also important to mention that with this device one can measure upwards without the need to climb, which can be dangerous. So even on a safety note, this technology appears to be as useful as it gets. Apart from the need for climbing, when measuring distance, there can be other hazards as well, even on firm ground. For instance, there can be various obstacles such as cables, pipes or holes. However, with a laser distance meter, it won’t be you the one who endures these obstacles, but only the light beam.


Finally, like every other invention, this technological piece of mind has one disadvantage. Perhaps, without a certain downside to ponder on things won’t be interesting or perhaps I’m wrong. However, as a fan of anomalies, it intrigues me that although so powerful, light disperses quite quickly. Due to that, the laser cannot remain concentrated distance wise and therefore these devices can only measure objects that are half a kilometer away or less.