Jackhammer: The Mighty Pneumatic Tool

As humans, we’re no islands, that’s for sure, and while we need the company of other humans and animals to interact with, we equally need tools to carry out specific tasks. Ever since the dawn of time, people have used certain tools to be able to survive in numerous ways, and even though we’ve undergone a great deal of evolution, we still depend on a set of tools today. Such is the case with the use of jackhammers. Known as the mighty pneumatic tools used in construction work, their usage goes beyond that considering they are much needed in some emergency rescue situations as well.

So what can be said about these tools today? Even if you haven’t handled a jackhammer, you’re familiar with how pneumatics works, as it’s the process of using compressed air, or simply said the use of air pressure, to get the needed power to push – the same process for riding a bike, using the inflated air tyres to push upward by pushing it down with the force of your weight. This goes to show pneumatics is around us, bearing in mind vacuum cleaners work same way only sucking air instead of blowing it out. The world of these power tools is vast, so you can be sure there are quality and cheap jackhammers to be found.

Jackhammers, compared with sledgehammers, are created for quick work when dealing with concrete and rocks at highways, mines, tunnels, rock walls and patios. Though they still require some muscle, they have undergone advancements ever since they first appeared in the 19th century, more specifically 1894 – the invention of Charles Brady King, US engineer and entrepreneur. The variety of cheap jackhammers of today spans from pneumatic to electric and gas powered. The difference is electric models are lightweight, perfect for carrying out smaller tasks, including those of handymen, whereas the gas powered are ideal for jobs at sites where there isn’t power or compressed air.

The pneumatic, traditional version, of jackhammers is still the preferred one when it comes to underground mining as there’s the threat of explosive gases being produced by the sparks from a combustion engine from say the gas powered jackhammer. Though latest jackhammers are created for the convenience of the operator, meant to reduce the fatigue with adjustable and vibration reducing handles, increasing efficiency and performance, it’s still important to note this is a powerful tool that requires the skill to be able to operate it. Safety always comes first, so wearing a dust mask and ear protection is mandatory.

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