How to Write the Most Romantic Love Poems and Quotes

If you want to express yourself in a unique and personal way, love poems are probably an ideal thing for you. Nothing is more intimate than expressing what you feel with an original love poem written by you. Let the words that you have written deliver the message that is deep within your heart.

Basics of Writing Love Poems and Quotes


The first thing you should do before you start writing your love quotes and poems is brainstorming. Get a pen and paper and write down all your feelings and thoughts about your loved one. Write down what you love the most about your partner and the most loving memory that the two of you share together. You can include descriptive words and strong verbs related to your emotions and thoughts. If you need some help with memories of love, go through photos, postcards and letters from your loved one. That’ll definitely refresh your memory and bring back some great feelings.


Comparisons are a great thing in love poems. For example, Shakespeare compared his love to a summer’s day, and that line is still quoted to this day. One solid comparison can make the whole theme of your poem or you can have a couple of them to express yourself to the fullest.


If you want to write rhyming poetry, write it. If you’re feeling afraid of rhyming, don’t be. There are a lot of websites that offer free rhyming dictionaries. It’s your poetry, so you get to choose if you want rhymed verses or free verse.

Being personal

Being honest and intimate is all there is to poetry. It’s not about your ability to write, but with the ability to express your emotions. Using inside jokes, personal memories and your loved one’s name makes the love poems more intimate and personal. Try and say what you want to say with fewer words and use strong verbs. This will strengthen the meaning of your poem.

Choosing the Form of Your Love Poems

Even if you don’t want to write in a certain style of poetry, learning about the different forms will be useful when you write your own poetry.

Firstly, there is free verse, which is recommended for poets who are just starting out. It’s written similar to prose, it develops a rhythm with the usage of words and its length instead of rhyming. Couplets are two lines in which the words at the end rhyme. Some poets have combined couplets to form much longer poems.

There are many different rhyme patterns that you can choose from if you want your love poems to rhyme. And many poets throughout history have alternated the rhyming ends of their poetry. For example, you can rhyme the first and third line and then rhyme the second and fourth line. You can rhyme every other line, or you can rhyme the first and fourth line, and the second and third. You can choose whatever you like. However, read it aloud to see if your poem flows and if yes, then the magic is done.