How a Career in Childcare Saved a Sterile Man’s Life

Before I start telling you this heartwarming story, I would like to let you know that this man is a close friend of mine. However, in order to keep his identity hidden, I’ll avoid sharing many personal details about him. All right, let the storytelling begin.

The tale of how a sterile young man who deeply enjoys playing and working with children found his dream profession began one sunny autumn day, when he was asked to pick up his beloved niece from her kindergarten. Since he arrived a little bit early, he had the precious opportunity to see with his own eyes how demanding yet extremely rewarding being a childcare worker really is. He sat there for nearly forty minutes, watching and admiring the dedicated and patient professionals taking such a good care of his four-year-old niece and the rest of the kids. It was an hour he knew he would never forget.

A couple of months later, my dear friend was informed by his doctors that he can never become a father. Yes, he was devastated at first, but soon he realized that avoiding to accept his harsh reality won’t help him much. So, instead of feeling sorry for himself, he decided to pursue a career in the field of childcare. He did his research and found out that there are many highly-respected and affordable online childcare courses that can help him acquire and develop all the necessary skills every good childcare professional needs to possess.

After much thought and consideration, he realized that he wanted to obtain the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, because he knew that this certificate would open the doors of many preschools and childcare centers for him. But first he had to complete the appropriate childcare course. These classroom and online childcare courses prepare the student to work with kids and enable him to understand them better, provide healthy food and drinks for them, design and evaluate programs for children, establish and maintain a safe and friendly environment for them, nurture their creative spirit, as well as foster their holistic development and well-being.

Since my gentle friend truly loved children, finishing such a course wasn’t hard for him. Soon after he obtained his diploma, he was given a job at a reputable kindergarten where he amazed each and every one of his colleagues with his professional yet fun approach. All the children seemed to love and deeply enjoy learning and playing with him, which is something that brought him immense happiness and pleasure.

Today, two years after getting his very first job in the field of childcare, this caring young man still helps mold kids into educated, honest, and kind young individuals. He is an inspiration in the deepest sense of the word.