From a Noob to a Smirking Pro – How I Gave Fishing a Go

Fishing is much more than a fun hobby, it’s a thrilling and competitive sport and when you’ve been throwing the bait for as long as I have, it become a lifestyle. I’ve been a dedicated fisherman for 10 years now and I’ve got many fishing adventures and fun stories I want to share with my grand-kids one day. There is one story in particular that I remember like it happened yesterday, simply because it starts out really bad but it has a funny ending that always makes me laugh.

It happened when I was just a newbie to the whole game of fishing and my friends (all dedicated fishermen) had invited me to go on a fishing trip with them. Keep in mind that this was my first fishing trip and I was completely clueless about what I should bring with me, let alone know how to properly organize my fishing gear. A simple reel, rod and and some live baits were the only things I had.

When the day for the trip dawned, I packed my gear in an old gym bag and embanked on my first fishing adventure. Well, when the time came to catch some fish and learn some skills, I realized I had made a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have packed my new gear in my old gym bag. Instead I should have invested in a special fishing bag designed to provide optimum protection. So, there was I, standing on the boat with a broken rod, considering to give up fishing, before I even started, while my friends couldn’t stop laughing. The only one who showed some understanding was my friend Mark, who repaired the broken tip of my rod, so I could at least try to catch some fish.

Fishing Bag

Well, in the end I was the one laughing, since despite my broken rod I was the first one to catch something that day. The moral of this story is – never embark on a fishing trip without getting one of those durable fishing bags Australia retailers have on offer, with the help of which you can properly organize your gear and arrive at your fishing destination fully prepared.

I have come a long way since my silly broken rod situation and now I know all about proper tackle management and fishing bags. The best advice I can give to newbie fishermen is to pack smart and simple. You don’t really need to take all your gear on a fishing trip. Just make sure you pack the essentials in a well-designed fishing bag. Most of the fishing bags Australia shops offer are designed to be long-lasting, durable and provide a safe storage space for your precious fishing equipment.

You can choose between hard-plastic and soft fishing bags, both of which offer protection and ample storage. Hard plastic models are highly resistant to damage and feature various trays and compartments where you can organize your rods, reels, fishing knives, baits, lines and other essentials. Soft fishing bags have a practical design and include removable trays that you can arrange to your liking. They also feature multiple pockets where you can store things like sunglasses, small lures, sunscreen, gloves, etc.

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